About Gloucester

The City of Gloucester is home to one of the finest natural harbors in Massachusetts and is the oldest fishing port on the East Coast of the United States. Gloucester was actually settled soon after the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth in the early 1620s. And due to an abundant fish supply, the city quickly grew to become one of the largest fishing ports in the world in the 19th Century. Today Gloucester remains an important fishing port, its working harbor home to a colorful fleet. At the center of Cape Ann, Gloucester is truly one of New England's scenic gems. The port city is a mosaic of small communities that each have their own unique character -- from the tiny Annisquam peninsula to the quaint neighborhood of Magnolia. Indeed, the City's natural beauty and historical character have attracted a sizeable resident artist population. In summertime, Gloucester swells with visitors attracted to its beaches, fresh seafood, and the lure of whale watching. Learn more about what we have to offer below.

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