Scuba Diving Off Cape Ann

Cape Ann offers the beach and boat diver a wide variety of dive sites from unusual undersea rock formations to a number of well-known wreck sites. Cape Ann is a popular spot amongst the diving community as the area offers the best underwater visibility in the Northeast. Visibility averages up to 50 feet in the spring and winter, and from 15 to 20 feet in the summer as the plankton builds up. The increased visibility makes it possible for divers to enjoy Cape Ann's spectacular underwater terrain; including, rock reefs, huge crevasses, granite walls, and towering pinnacles. Thriving marine life in the waters off Cape Ann also make for interesting dives and, for licensed divers, a chance to catch dinner.

Dive boats can be chartered out of Gloucester to the dozens of popular dive sites in the area. The boats can be booked through several full-service dive shops on or near Cape Ann. For those with their own vessels, Cape Ann also offers several public and private boat ramps. In general, the season runs from April through October. During the peak season from June through August, the water temperature may climb to 65F, but averages the high 50s.

See: Cape Ann Regional Dive Team

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