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Jennifer "Jenna" McTiernan, RYT, is a certified yoga instructor, receiving her certification from Yoga Spirit Studios in 2007.  That same year, Jenna completed the first "Off The Mat Into The World" training in NYC, presented by the vibrant and intelligent force — Seane Corn. Along with Hala Kouri and Suzanne Sterling, Seane taught Jenna to utilize the power of yoga as a vehicle to facilitate self-exploration and radical transformation in community and ultimately in the world.

Jenna is grateful for the influence of her experienced and compassionate teachers from an abundance of traditions. Lindsay Crouse stands alone as her highest teacher and guide. Lama Lindsay consistently offers Jenna generous support and guidance, and has helped her to integrate the deeply transformational Niguma Yoga Sequence into her teaching and personal practice.

With her enthusiasm and warmth, Jenna promotes a nurturing environment allowing students to practice at all levels. Her classes combine a variety of challenging sequences and postures within a clear foundation of alignment and guided imagery. Jenna promotes a non-competitive atmosphere, allowing students to practice exactly where they are. As a regular practitioner of Bhakti Yoga, Jenna also lends her voice by participating in Kirtan gatherings throughout New England.

Inspired by her Great-Grandfather's work almost a century ago, Jenna chose his name for her yoga business, "Bright Eyes Yoga". George A. Bellamy was known as "Bright Eyes" by all those who loved him. This was partially due to the bright, light blue color of his eyes. Most likely bright eyes earned his name as a result of his life's work as a forward thinking social reformer in Cleveland, Ohio. This heritage recognized and fostered the healing power of Nature and the intricate mind/body connection. Jenna's wish is to carry on this tradition by supporting yoga students to connect to the innate wisdom & healing power of their minds and bodies through the flow and grace of a deep & consistent yoga practice.


Bright Eyes Yoga™
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