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Niguma Yoga Series

In a Niguma Yoga Series class we will use a specific sequence of poses, or ASANA, as well as breathing exercises, or PRANAYAMA to tap into your own subtle energetic body. The ultimate goal here is to access our internal power source, or PRANA. Prana can be translated as LIFE BREATH. All of us have the potential to move & enhance the very flow of prana in our minds and bodies. In a true Tantric Yoga practice this action is referred to as manipulating the INNER WINDS. A consistent Niguma Yoga practice will prove to be an effective method to create deeper harmony and happiness in your body, mind & in virtually all aspects of your life.

Additionally, we will incorporate vibrational BIJA MANTRA or seed tonal sounds to assist you in delving deeply & access the very source of your energetic chakra system. Your body's complex chakra system serves as the path on which we take this transformational journey. Our journey ultimately brings us to a place of balance and joy....The effects can be quite powerful, even after the very first class. Come and experience this ancient practice for yourself!

This series is 1000 years old & has been practiced by countless yogis over the centuries. Lady Niguma lived in the north of India & with her spiritual partner, Naropa, & offered among the highest of Buddhist teachings. She is credited for bringing us the first actual series of yoga postures in history, practiced in a sequential order & with a specific goal in mind. This goal, simply put, is to create balance and enhanced energy in the body & mind by accessing prana. When life breath is flowing freely, we are naturally health and happy. Thank you Lady Niguma!

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