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Wisdom's Heart Center
2 Duncan Street
Gloucester, MA
Singing Beach
Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

Saturdays: 9:00-10:15 a.m.
Gentle Flow Yoga (ongoing class)

  We look forward to seeing you all next Summer for the 5 week Yoga-on-the-Beach series starting July 8, 2014. Register in the spring at recreation@manchester.ma.us,
Drop-Ins always welcome for $10 per class.


Niguma Yoga Series
In a Niguma Series yoga class, we use a series of physical poses, "asana", and breath exercises, "pranayama", to tap into our subtle bodies and allow Life Force, "prana", to flow freely. This practice helps us build strength and control and redirects the movement of prana in our body to access all that is GOOD and JOYFUL in our lives. For more information go to our Niguma Yoga Series page.

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This invigorating flow class will stretch, tone and strengthen, combining Sun Salutations and standing poses while maintaining a heart-centered focus.  Each class combines back bends, balancing poses, therapeutic twists & playful inversions in an inspiring & soothing environment that meets the yoga student at any level. Integrating the rhythm of breath with the movement of body this "Hatha" yoga class creates the effect of a moving meditation.

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